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Longhorn Pattern China (SKU: Longhorn  Pattern China)Longhorn Pattern China (SKU: Longhorn Pattern China)
Longhorn Pattern Place Setting (SKU: LH00)Longhorn Pattern Place Setting (SKU: LH00)
Longhorn Dinner Plate (SKU: LH01)Longhorn Dinner Plate (SKU: LH01)
Longhorn Soup or Chili Bowl (SKU: LH02)Longhorn Soup or Chili Bowl (SKU: LH02)
Longhorn Dessert Plate (SKU: LH03)Longhorn Dessert Plate (SKU: LH03)
Longhorn Cup (SKU: LH04)Longhorn Cup (SKU: LH04)
Longhorn Saucer (SKU: LH05)Longhorn Saucer (SKU: LH05)
Longhorn Luncheon Plate (SKU: LH06)Longhorn Luncheon Plate (SKU: LH06)
Longhorn X-Large Mug (SKU: LH07)Longhorn X-Large Mug (SKU: LH07)
Longhorn Salt and Pepper Set (SKU: LH08)Longhorn Salt and Pepper Set (SKU: LH08)
Longhorn Sugar Bowl with LId (SKU: LH09)Longhorn Sugar Bowl with LId (SKU: LH09)
Longhorn Creamer (SKU: LH10)Longhorn Creamer (SKU: LH10)
Longhorn Oval Serving Bowl (SKU: LH11)Longhorn Oval Serving Bowl (SKU: LH11)
Longhorn Bonanza Bowl (SKU: LH12)Longhorn Bonanza Bowl (SKU: LH12)
Longhorn Large Oval Serving Platter (SKU: LH13)Longhorn Large Oval Serving Platter (SKU: LH13)
Longhorn Round Serving Platter (SKU: LH14)Longhorn Round Serving Platter (SKU: LH14)
Longhorn Water / Ice Tea Pitcher (SKU: LH15)Longhorn Water / Ice Tea Pitcher (SKU: LH15)
Longhorn Tea Pot/ Coffee Server (SKU: LH16)
Longhorn "Texas" Mug (SKU: LH17)Longhorn "Texas" Mug (SKU: LH17)
Texas Longhorn Dinner Plate Limited (SKU: LH18)Texas Longhorn Dinner Plate Limited (SKU: LH18)

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