Steer Berry -Antique Brass Knob - (Lockable)
Steer Berry -Antique Brass Knob - (Lockable)
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Steer Berry - Antique Brass Knob (Lockable)
Color Options: Gold, Satin Silver, Antique Brass
View other Door Knobs for colors.
All of our Knobs do not have an image,
however we have Drawer Pulls that match the face of
theknob. For comparison the thumbnail picture at
the bottom of the page will help you.
What a great way to show Your Western Spirit. They
look the same on both sides and for inside use only.
Regarding LOCKABLE Door Knobs**
When ordering Lockable Door Knobs--Please note
where the Knob is from the inside of the room that
will be locked.
EXAMPLE: If this is for a bathroom--The lock will
face inside of the bathroom, so we will need to
know which side of the door the knob is on.
Facing from the inside of the room will the door
knob be on the left or the right?
STYLE OPTIONS: Left or Right